August 6th, 2008

It will be mine... oh yes, it will be mine

Well, ok. Technically, it already *is* mine.
I got the title issues with the car figured out on Saturday.
The jorb, still pretty good. I gots nothin' to complain about. Hope it stays that way.
Family life, well... the baby does not seem to mind daycare all that much. Mrs Junkpc seems pretty happy with her new jorb.
Um... yeah, the lappy arrived, and I have decided to leave Vista on it. Just 'cause. Mostly 'cause I am lazy.
I did, however, attempt to install kubuntu on Virtual PC, and ran into what seems to be a common error. Something about a processor error or somesuch. I am not a good geek, 'cause I don't remember it.
Either way, for the stuff that I have been using it for, the lappy ain't too bad.
Um... what else.....
Fessor's busy being himself, and he and Boogie still occasionally fight. I don't think it's serious.
I'm gonna go poke around some boring web pages for a bit, then sleepy time.
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