July 27th, 2008

New Hotness

So, I have a dilemma.
For the first time, I have actually purchased for myself a brand new computer. We're not talking about some fistful of parts that I need to assemble myself with a .... really, it's valid MS license for whatever flavor of Windows. No, no! We're talking about an open the box and here's a shiny new computer that's not for someone else!
Now - there are some of you that know that we got Mrs Junkpc a new PC right around the time of the baby's arrival, and some would argue that this computer was, in fact, mine. It's something different when the intended main user is not you.
So, anyway, my new laptop should get here in a few weeks (apparently the batteries are on backorder).
Now, to my problem.....
The new computer will ship with Windows Vista Ultimate preinstalled.
I have heard/read different things about it. Many bad, but some ok.
I have several options;
1) I can 'downgrade' to XP Pro
2) I can dual-boot with XP Pro
3) I can virtualize XP Pro
4) I can forget XP Pro and just learn Vista Ultimate
5) I can go off the deep end and install some flavor of Linux

realistically, 5 is not an option for me. We don't need to go into why. I have other computers here with which I intend to play with Linux. I can also, if I really want to play with it that badly, choose options 2 and maybe 3.

I am thinking that I am more in favor of 3, then 2. I guess it all depends on what I want to use the thing for....

So, anyway, any thoughts? Suggestions? Tips to learn to love Vista?
Is Vista actually XP's ME?
Film at 11?