July 15th, 2008

Well, it's about time!!

Ok... Let's see - for those that haven't heard from me in a while, Hi! You could email me, or something.

So, what's new -
I am changing jobs. That's right - after 5+ years with the same employer, I am leaving. I am going from being a giant whale in a goldfish bowl to being something single-celled and very insignificant in the Pacific. BUT - the amount of money that I will be given in exchange for whatever it is that they want me to do is significantly higher than what it is/was. And the benefits.... so, yeah... I won't ever be able to wear shorts to work again, and I pretty much need to bag the Chuck Taylors. Ok.
In other news, Baby Junkpc is doing well.... and by well I mean smiling, burping, pooping, pooping, pooping, and being a pretty good baby. People love her.
Also, Mrs. Junkpc is changing jorbs as well. Yep. No more crazy people for her.
Well, at least, no more crazy patients. We still have our friends.
In addition, I just had to buy a car - I can explain that later. Our other car just got paid off, so it's not *that* bad.
Oh, and yeah - Junkpc's brother, the Auto-Tech, is planning to move in with us for a while.

So - that's what's going on with me - that's why I haven't called you or sent an email. I have been just a bit busy - and that's just the stuff I can remember right now.

My lawn is a wreck!!

What's *your* excuse?!?!?