January 23rd, 2008

Fetal Rock-n-Roll Syndrome

Ok - the title is a stretch, but it seemed like it fit:
Mrs Junkpc calls me while we're both driving to work.
The local rock station decided to play Rush's 'Tom Sawyer'
I am a huge Rush fan - not the most rabid, maybe - but I am half way on my quest to own all of their work on vinyl. (That's 33 1/3 RPM record discs for those of you not from the stone age like me)
Anyway -
Mrs Junkpc calls me from the road and announces yet another reason why this is most certainly my/our child.
She (the fetus) has not been very active in the mornings. Until she heard Rush today.
Then, she started moving all over the place.

Now, there are several possible explanations for this, but I am choosing to ignore all but the one that amused us this morning - which is that we know that our baby will also be a fan of that wacky Canadian trio.

other possibilities include:
1) hated breakfast
2) woke up cranky and upset because internal organs were crowding her personal space
3) just decided that Mrs Junkpc needed a punch in the spleen
4) hates Rush and was trying to get away

- I think I should find some archive tape of Myron Cope and Bill Hillgrove. This is something that we will need to know about now.